Reactive Manifesto


    In this video, Jamie Allen, Director of Consulting at Typesafe and Jan Machacek, CTO of Cake Solutions, discuss the Reactive Manifesto with Mike O’Hara.

    Jamie and Jan explain how it relates to the Capital Markets and financial trading communities, particularly in the areas of high frequency, low latency and high performance trading application development

    Market Data


    How is the combination of microwave and FPGA technology changing the landscape of market data distribution and consumption, particularly in high performance, low-latency trading environments? And what are the challenges firms face when using this technology?

    In this article, we speak with Arnaud Derasse, CEO of Enyx, Stephane Tyc, Co-Founder of Quincy Data and Ron Huizen, Vice President of Systems & Solutions at BittWare, to find out the answers to those questions.

    Moscow exchange


    In this interview, we talk to Sergei Poliakoff, Chief Information Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Moscow Exchange, about a number of initiatives that he is spearheading. Sergei discusses:

    – The technological challenges of merging two exchanges into one
    – Why the risk and clearing infrastructure is more important than the matching engine
    – FPGAs versus software for pre-trade risk
    – Plans around FIX, FAST and binary protocols
    – How the exchange intends to satisfy growing demands for co-location
    – Why Russian markets need more HFT

    NPL Approach


    5th August 2013 – In this video interview, we talk to Leon Lobo, Strategic Business Development Manager at the UK’s National Physical Laboratory.

    Leon discusses the challenges of accurate synchronisation of time across trading venues, an issue that was highlighted in 2012’s UK Government Foresight Report into the Future of Computer Trading in Financial Markets, and about the approach the NPL is taking to address those challenges.

    US Equity Market


    12th July 2013 – In this interview, we talk to Dave Lauer, a Market Structure and Technology Architecture Consultant with extensive experience in designing and building HFT systems, who has testified before the Senate Banking Committee and appeared on SEC Panels. He argues that the US Equity market structure is in need of a major overhaul and looks at issues such as:

    – Conflicts of interest at for-profit exchanges
    – Are regulators currently able to perform adequate market surveillance?
    – The relationship between “mini flash crashes” and maker-taker pricing
    – How to improve academic research into market structure and HFT

    European FTT


    28th May 2013 – In this interview, we talk to Sam Tyfield, Partner at Vedder Price, who takes us through the latest iterations of European regulations from a financial trading perspective, and helps untangle some of the knots around recently passed and proposed legislation, including:

    – Financial Transaction Taxes in Europe
    – The German HFT Act
    – MiFID II, MiFIR and the new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR)
    – The ESMA Guidelines Guidelines on Systems and Controls in Electronic Trading Environments, one year on

    HFT Review Videos

    Dr Leon Lobo of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory discusses challenges around synchronising accurate time stamps

    Tom O’Brien of Moscow Exchange discusses new opportunities for high frequency trading firms in the Russian market. Crypto trading extends to gaming tokens like the coinpoker token, offering a unique investment avenue. By trading CoinPoker tokens, investors can capitalize on market fluctuations and potentially earn profits. These tokens also provide utility within gaming ecosystems, creating a dynamic intersection between cryptocurrency trading and gaming experiences.

    Niki Beattie discusses high frequency trading, regulatory proposals, market structure and challenges facing the industry

    Latest from the HFT Review Community


    Algorithmic trading has become ever more popular in recent years – accounting for approximately half of all European and American stock trades placed in 2012. The trading strategies need to be back-tested regularly using historical market data for calibration and to check the expected return and risk. This is a computationally demanding process that can take hours to complete. However, back-testing the strategies frequently intra-day can significantly increase the profits for the trading institution.

    Click here to read this Xcelerit Case Study

    Russia’s central financial marketplace has evolved so rapidly that it is now primed to become a key international hub, and the finance organisations able to anticipate and quickly adapt to this fast-changing environment will clearly emerge as market leaders. This whitepaper discusses the current state of Russia’s electronic financial markets, and addresses the issues that need to be understood regarding infrastructure and connectivity challenges in Moscow.

    Click here to read this IXcellerate White Paper

    Modern messaging, trading, and reporting systems require extremely low latencies, in the range of a few milliseconds, to meet customer expectations and strict service level agreements. This paper describes how to use new JVM technology to achieve maximum platform latencies of 1-2 milliseconds with very little tuning effort.

    Click here to read this Azul White Paper

    Featured Articles

    Exchange Focus – Warsaw Stock Exchange

    Peter Niklewicz, Senior Advisor to the Warsaw Stock Exchange Management Board and the Exchange’s chief representative in the UK, discusses the launch of their new co-location service for high performance access, designed to offer clients low latency access to the Exchange’s UTP trading platform

    Exchange Focus – Moscow Exchange

    Sergei Poliakoff, Chief Information Officer and Member of the Executive Board at Moscow Exchange, discusses the technical challenges of merging two exchanges into one and shares his thoughts on risk and clearing infrastructure; FPGAs; the Exchange’s future strategy around interfaces and protocols, and satisfying growing demand for co-location.

    Exchange Focus – SIX Swiss Exchange

    John White, Head Equity Product Management at SIX Swiss Exchange, discusses some of the recent developments at the Exchange, including the adoption of NASDAQ’s X-stream INET trading system and the rolling out of sponsored access, and shares some thoughts on the latest European regulatory proposals