As Fear And Uncertainty Strain Global Economy, Bitcoin Price May Surge

The global economic condition is in a very dangerous position right now. All the credits go to the global pandemic for the outbreak of the deadly Coronavirus. Some prominent countries facing economic downfall are the United Kingdom, Spain, and France. They are imposing new limitations across their boundaries. Thus, it is resulting in making the […]

Profit Taking Bitcoin Miners Won’t Stop the Next Bull Run

The recorded data shows that many cryptocurrency miners began to sell Bitcoins (BTC) at the end of July 2020, leading to elevated pressure in the cryptocurrency market. The action of selling the crypto coins led to the fall of the dominant cryptocurrency from mid of August 2020, thus recording a steep 13 percent downslide. The […]

Can Belarus use crypto to bypass sanctions? Experts Are Skeptical.

It was very controversial that President Alexander Lukashenko elected and extended his mandate. After this, the main questions arose about Belarus that how it will deal with the United States and European Union sanctions, and how the cryptocurrency like Etherum and Bitcoin help them to bypass sanctions. Russian outlet RBC has published articles describing the […]

Bloomberg: An important Metric Indicates Bitcoin Price Over $12,000

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a type of online money or way of exchange. The bitcoins always has an inconsistent value. That’s why it is not easy to guess or calculate the price of bitcoin. Bitcoins experience significant fluctuations in price, and this makes investment in bitcoin highly risky. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency invented […]

Income Inequality: Can Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies Fix This?

Crypto-Currency has been a revolutionary new form of exchange in terms of the security and transparency it has brought to the game. The innovative blockchain technology, as well as the beauty of the peer-to-peer network, will go into many finance-history books. But the fact remains, that investors tend to be the ones that have a […]

Twitter Users Can Now Send Crypto to Each Other With Torus

Amazing news coming our way from the Cryptocurrency world. A crypto management platform from Singapore has discovered technology that can help people to spend cryptocurrencies through social media platform “Twitter.” As per the recent news, Torus has come up with a new update v1.7.2, that allows users to send tokens to and from Twitter as […]

Elon Musk’s Name Used By Bitcoin Scammers To Profit $2M Over Two Months

On the basis of the documentation sorted out by Adaptiv, confidential info was revealed regarding bitcoin. Scammers made the use of the name of Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Incorporated, Elon Musk, in order to gain 2 million USD in Bitcoin in two months. Details on the Incident At press time, Justin Lister, who is […]

Australia’s ATO Sends Tax Warning Letters to 350,000 Aussie Crypto Users

During March 2020, ATO, who is held as the responsible entity for administering all the tax-related transactions in Australia, just like the IRS operating in the United States. The ATO was found active in starting the crackdown process to cover all the tax liabilities. With the news update and other notifications, it was heard that […]

Japan’s top idol just became the new face of BitFlyer Crypto Exchange

Japan is considerably opening its digital wallet in this era when almost every financial system is digitalized. Due to technological development, the currency in the digital form can be easily used in different ways and transferred with a single click. There are ample benefits associated with the use of digital currency, and that is why […]