Can Belarus use crypto to bypass sanctions? Experts Are Skeptical.

It was very controversial that President Alexander Lukashenko elected and extended his mandate. After this, the main questions arose about Belarus that how it will deal with the United States and European Union sanctions, and how the cryptocurrency like Etherum and Bitcoin help them to bypass sanctions. Russian outlet RBC has published articles describing the […]

Bloomberg: An important Metric Indicates Bitcoin Price Over $12,000

Bitcoin or cryptocurrency is a type of online money or way of exchange. The bitcoins always has an inconsistent value. That’s why it is not easy to guess or calculate the price of bitcoin. Bitcoins experience significant fluctuations in price, and this makes investment in bitcoin highly risky. Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency invented […]

Income Inequality: Can Bitcoin or Other Cryptocurrencies Fix This?

Crypto-Currency has been a revolutionary new form of exchange in terms of the security and transparency it has brought to the game. The innovative blockchain technology, as well as the beauty of the peer-to-peer network, will go into many finance-history books. But the fact remains, that investors tend to be the ones that have a […]