Bill Gates Comments Bitcoin Traders To Watch Out The Strategy Played By Elon Musk

Every person in the information technology sector knows the success story of Bill Gates. Recently the Microsoft founder has stated Bitcoin traders to watch out and think twice before blindly following the investment strategy put forward by Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX. The later is known for his Richie Rich style of life as […]

Crypto Exchange Shapeshift Integrates Dexes, Relieves User Kyc Burdens

The DEX onramps will give access to the assets for the users. This offers high liquidity and security. There is a non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange; Shapeshift has come up with an announcement that it is going to integrate with many of the decentralized exchanges or DEX protocols. This is taken to learn about the burden that […]

The Great Opportunity Of Blockchain For Latin America

Latin America and the Caribbean region have lost the big opportunity to succeed economically and improve industrial activities. When the reasons for this downfall were analyzed by a team of experts, it was found that poor public policy choices, coupled with other government interventions, were the main reason. However, the region now has an excellent […]