German Digital Stock Exchange to List Bitcoin ETP

The cryptocurrency is gaining its popularity day by day. It is climbing the avenues and is now going to enter the stock exchange. The price of bitcoin is climbing up every day, with its value closer to USD 9000. Many traders are looking forward to its next big move.

The German Digital Stock Exchange is now ready to list the Bitcoin ETP. Xetra is the digital stock exchange company that is in Germany wants to list the Bitcoin ETP. It is introduced first by the ETC Group, an investment company based out of London.

Bitcoin ETP

Bitcoin ETP is coming with a significant force in June on Xetra. ETP would be the first-ever exchange-traded product that is going to get listed on the German digital stock exchange. The investors and traders operating in the UK, Italy, and Austria would have access to the stock exchange.

Based on the information that is given by ETF Stream, it is clear that the Bitcoin Exchanges Traded Crypto is going to get launched on June 09. This product will be launched on Deutsche Börse Xetra after getting all the required approvals from the German financial regulators. The product is based on the digital currency. The best thing about this product is that it will send you a minute to minute update on the price of the bitcoin in the market. The bitcoins that are using this product would be in the custody of crypto custodian BitGo, a kind of cold storage.

The ETC Group, C level executive, named Bradley Duke, stated that the cryptocurrency sector is gaining its boom in different industries. However, there are many complications, accessibility issues, and governance concerns that are stopping its growth. By using the BTCE, it has become easier to move bitcoins into the mainstream and regulate the financial markets. Many investors can reap huge profits by trading bitcoins and ethically buying them. Moreover, investors also have an option to redeem the bitcoins.

Not exactly ETF

ETC Group product would be using the exchange trade, but it won’t be thoroughly implementing the ETF. The ETC group clearly stated that it is an excellent opportunity for the people to carry out the trading process through bitcoins and by using the ETP structure. This type of structure is different from that of the conventional ETF structure. However, the hybrid ETP product would not meet the specifications of the ETF that are set by the EU regulations.

However, the worst thing is that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has not approved any of the bitcoin-related products, especially the bitcoin ETF, though many companies are evincing interest in using this cryptocurrency. There is a huge demand to buy the bitcoin ETF by the crypto entities. The main thing that is concerning the regulator is the validation of the assets and the issues related to the manipulation of the market.

There is a watchdog called BaFin, which has come up with the standards. These standards must be followed by the local businesses that are offering the crypto custodial services.

Many benefits are offered by the ETP that is holding the cryptocurrencies.

Standardize the product

The ETP allows the investors to go through different investment options that have the same kind of metrics. It costs you a very small fee when compared to the legacy style of investment products.

Maintain transparency

This is the heart of the ETP structure. Due to high transparency, the investors are confidently logging into the issuer’s website to see how many coins are available and how they are showing up for the fund shares. It is the common practice that is carried out in Gold ETPs every day. It offers a lot of transparency that every investor wants. The best thing is that it allows investors to regenerate NAV values. With clarity, it gives confidence to the investors that what they are planning to buy is represented in the portfolio of products. The openness in the portfolio also has a significant impact on the fund shares. The volatility depends on the unpredictable effect on the market.

ETPs are the wrapper used for assets, equities, bonds, commodities, and currencies. The assets would hold the value and set the trading price in the market. It is pretty clear for the investors that the underlying assets and transaction expenses in gathering the assets or disbursing them would determine the price.


The liquidity of ETP is not sustainable and may result in the market to take a mysterious turn. There are four key components with which the cryptocurrency ETP is made. There are trading volumes of the underlying assets, trading volumes of the ETP, and trading volumes of derivatives available for the asset classes that are underlying and potential liquidity.


Germany is adding Bitcoin Exchange Traded Crypto into the exchange-traded products list and is going to launch on the stock market with the financial regulators’ approval. This BETC will track the bitcoin value. The asset-backed by the bitcoin would be stored safely in a cold wallet.

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