Japan’s top idol just became the new face of BitFlyer Crypto Exchange

Japan is considerably opening its digital wallet in this era when almost every financial system is digitalized. Due to technological development, the currency in the digital form can be easily used in different ways and transferred with a single click. There are ample benefits associated with the use of digital currency, and that is why people prefer to use it instead of physical form. Many people are now comfortable with using digital currency. In this regard, cryptocurrencies like BitFlyer are gaining excellent traction in the market. The market has got various digital currencies, and there are impressive features associated with each of them. Recently, they have started an aggressive campaign across Japan to attract new traders and consumers towards cryptocurrencies. In this regard, they have roped in Asuka Saito of Nogizaka 46 idol group as the brand ambassador. The television commercials featured Asuka Saito which was telecasted recently across Japan.

How big is Nogizaka 46?

For different societies, there are various people who can influence the mass and Nogizaka is one of such influencer who can easily appeal a mass to follow specific systems. The idol culture is very popular in Japan, where film stars, singers, musicians, and other popular celebrities are considered idols due to their popularity in the region. The Nogizaka 46 is an all-girl band that consists of 46 girls. They made their debut in the year 2011 and have won several awards in this decade. Most recently, they got the Japan Record award in the year 2018, which is one of the biggest awards in Japan for musicians. The group is trendy among youth in the country, and they have millions of followers.

The first collaboration of its kind in Japan

This is the first collaboration of its kind in Japan. Till recently, cryptocurrency companies and exchanges did not bother too much about marketing activities. This recent collaboration with the country’s most popular all-girl band is likely to benefit the company in many ways. It has brought a lot of attention to the company among the youth, and this can improve the overall prospects of the exchange.

BitFlyer’s aggressive marketing campaign

BitFlyer is the leading cryptocurrency exchange in the country. They have started an aggressive marketing campaign in recent months to boost participation in the market. By way of hiring the Nogizaka 46 band, they have struck the right chord as it is likely to attract lots of young traders into the market.

How does this help BitFlyer?

This move is likely to benefit BitFlyer in many ways. The first thing is that it is expected to bring in new traders into the cryptocurrency market. Apart from that, it re-establishes the brand value of this cryptocurrency exchange in the market. Recently, the exchange which tops in trading volumes has started advertisements across Japan. These television commercials will also encourage people to get familiar with cryptocurrency concepts and develop more customers in the future.

Future of cryptocurrency in Japan

There is a lot of scope for cryptocurrency in Japan, as it is still in the early stages of development. With reliable exchanges like BitFlyer, there is no problem for novice investors as they get good growth in the long run. The exchange is also ramping up its marketing activities to boost the volumes in this segment. The BTC spot price is also trading on the higher side this year, even though things are not looking rosy with other stock markets. In this regard, the exchange is likely to attract more customers and traders towards cryptocurrencies in the future.

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