Gaining a high-frequency trading and algorithmic trading competitive edge requires stable ultra-low latency. In an increasingly fragmented and complex marketplace, hybrid software/hardware processing just won’t cut it. NovaSparks does not just reduce latency. Our FPGA ticker plants maintain a guaranteed sub-microsecond latency for market data delivery. Now is the time to install a deterministic and scalable solution.


    Wed, 13 Apr 2011 09:29:00 GMT

    Gen2 offers the most scalable, adaptable and fastest FPGA feed-handler, tickerplant and order book management solution on the market.  

    LONDON, NEW YORK, BOSTON, PARIS – 13th April 2011 – NovaSparks, specialists in ultra-low latency solutions today introduced the NovaSparks Gen2 appliance. This new development, available from June 2011, offers even faster processing and delivers guaranteed sub-microsecond speed through its appliance measured on an end-to-end basis.  The NovaSparks Gen2 solution offers highly parallelised processing paths within the appliance and guarantees deterministic latency for users irrespective of volume and number of markets being processed.

    NovaSparks is the only vendor to offer sub-microsecond latency using exclusively Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology.  The firm’s Gen2 release offers unique filtering sets of market data on a line-by-line output basis which ensures consumers can have their own unique virtual instrument set and order book tailored to meet their specific business requirements.  NovaSparks is the first low latency specialist to offer the flexibility to perform such tasks wholly within the FPGA based appliance and removes the latency delays inherent in software or hybrid solutions.  By eliminating queuing behaviours, NovaSparks can guarantee end-to-end processing latencies, even during worst-case scenario peak bursts of activity.

    The modular NovaSparks Gen2 solution can be configured with up to three feed handlers per appliance and can be cross-connected to other appliances with no latency; consequently all outputs, PCIe Gen2 or 10 Gps Ethernet can see all updates in real-time from any venue and act upon them without relying on slower CPU-based processing.

    The NovaSparks appliance is also designed to host client’s own proprietary algorithms within the appliance; itself a first for FPGA solutions. Clients will be able to embed their own developed FPGA based algorithmic trading programs and compliance checks within an off-the-shelf FPGA solution offering a zero latency ‘tick-to-trade’ capability in the nanosecond timescale.

    Yves Charles, Chief Executive Officer of NovaSparks said, “We are delighted to introduce Gen2.  From our discussions with customers, many anticipate Gen2 be a market-leading solution which combines unique ultra-low latency market data processing features with highly flexible and scalable data distribution capabilities. Thanks to uniquely configured connectivity, the solution provides up to 24 Output/Input connections per appliance, including up to 12 PCIe Gen2 connections in addition to 10G Ethernet connections. Customer application servers can therefore access market data with the lowest latency possible and can process order books with the greatest flexibility.”

    Marc Battyani, Chief Technology Officer added, “NovaSparks has the fastest decoders available in the market and our appliances now fully support 10Gb/s market data input with no added latency compared to the 1Gb/s data stream.  We are therefore capable of processing 10 times more data within the same time period.  Thanks to a unique proprietary approach, by combining our own algorithms (for order decoding and management) and unique compiler technology, NovaSparks can easily handle the challenging volumes of venue information in this increasing arms race of data versus processing.”

    About NovaSparks

    NovaSparks is the ‘No LatencyTM’ specialist in data packet processing solutions.  Its disruptive technology is designed to eliminate processing latency to sub-microsecond speeds to help the high frequency traders of investment banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms achieve smart order routing even faster and benefit from the arbitrage opportunities available.

    Media contacts:

     Julia Streets / Holly Finn

    Streets Consulting Ltd

    Tel: + 44 (0)20 7959 2235

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