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    This video was originally featured at the Total Trading blog and is reproduced here with permission

    Stéphane Ty?, Co-Founder of McKay Brothers and Quincy Data, spoke at The Trading Show Chicago 2013 on the topic, ‘Transmitting market data via microwave.’

    In this presentation, Stéphane explains that what matters today is who has the fastest network, and who has access to it. He goes on to explore how microwave allows for increased transparency, and how it is able to level the playing fields.

    Check out the full presentation video above!

    If you are more interested in micro transmission bandwidth, check out the clip here which focuses more on this topic.

    If you are more interested in data, check out the clip here which focuses more on this topic.

    Stéphane will also be presenting at the upcoming Trading Show New York event, taking place this December, on the topic, ‘Revisiting the great fed robbery.


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