High Frequency Trading Review


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    News: Citi rolls out new suite of intelligent options algos [Automated Trader]
    7 September 2012 – HFT Review
    New York – Citi has added new algorithmic trading functionality for U.S. equity options to its suite of advanced electronic trading strategies. The intelligent option a…

    News: CME Plans Exchange in London [Wall Street Journal]
    20 August 2012 – HFT Review
    By Michelle Price & Jacob Bunge LONDON—CME Group Inc., the world’s largest exchange by market capitalization, said Monday it was planning to launch a London-based…

    News: ICAP sees high-speed volumes falling on technical changes [Reuters]
    7 September 2012 – HFT Review
    By Luke Jeffs and Nia Williams ICAP, the world’s largest currency broker, expects to see business from speed-trading clients fall after technical changes to its currency pl…

    News: HFT Issues Reverberate Post-Knight [MarketsMedia]
    7 September 2012 – HFT Review
    The debate over how deeply regulators should ingrain themselves into algorithmic trading strategies received fresh impetus with the recent publication of a report by the U.K…

    News: NYSE and CME plan futures ‘kill switches’ [Financial Times]
    7 September 2012 – HFT Review
    By Philip Stafford Two of the world’s largest derivatives exchanges have signed on to a service with a “kill switch” to limit damage from errant trading b…

    News: Social benefits of high frequency trading [Financial Times]
    20 August 2012 – HFT Review
    By John Lowrey The evolution of financial markets through technological development has been going on for centuries, with criticism about such developments going back to th…

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