High Frequency Trading Review


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    News: High Frequency Trading of High Concern, ASIC Says [Bloomberg]
    10 October 2012 – HFT Review
    By Adam Haigh and Eleni Himaras Australian regulators are considering requiring all trading algorithms to have an inbuilt “kill switch” to immediately disable t…

    News: High Frequency Trading in the Crosshairs [Institutional Investor]
    10 October 2012 – HFT Review
    By Loch Adamson High frequency trading is under fire. Over the past week, politicians and regulators in Europe and the U.S. have made plain their intentions to analyze the …

    News: Pressure grows for crackdown on high-frequency trading [Financial Post]
    10 October 2012 – HFT Review
    By Barbara Shecter Bob Decker, a 30-year stock market veteran and senior vice-president and portfolio manager for equities at Aurion Capital Management, has until recently …

    News: HFT curbs to hit market makers – academic research [The Trade]
    9 October 2012 – HFT Review
    By Richard Henderson Proposed rules to curb high-frequency trading (HFT) in European regulation will harm market making operations more than predatory price arbitrage strat…

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