Intelligent Real-Time Network Analysis from 1 GbE to 40 GbE and beyond


    The requirements for time stamp precision and time synchronization are increasing as the speed of the network increases. It is therefore important for OEM appliance vendors to ensure that they have the accuracy and precision they need for their application.

    It is also important to understand the basic principles and capabilities of time stamping and various time synchronization solutions.
    Accurate time stamps allow network managers to understand not only what is happening, but when it happens with high precision. It also enables precise latency measurements that are becoming increasingly important for time-sensitive applications, such as financial trading.
    Accurate time stamping of frames received, allows data from multiple ports to be synchronized for efficient analysis.
    A number of Time Synchronization solutions are available:
    • GPS
    • IEEE1588v2/PTP
    • CDMA
    • NTP
    Napatech intelligent network adapters support these various time synchronization methods in a flexible way. Using the Napatech Time Sync protocol (NT-TS) it is possible to propagate a received time synchronization signal to several Napatech intelligent adapters in a daisy-chained manner with 10 ns precision. Napatech network adapters can thus provide 10 ns precision and 5 ns resolution time stamping for network speeds up to 40 Gbps. 
    The Napatech Time Sync Endpoint (NTTSE) is an IEEE1588v2/PTP slave that can convert a received PTP time synchronization signal into 3 NT-TS signals. This allows IEEE1588v2/PTP support to be retrofitted to existing Napatech installations.

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