Service studio help

    The Service studio allows you to create data services which can be executed by yourself or other users. Services can be as simple as a data list or as complex as a portfolio analysis.

    Services are generally non visual components which return data on the basis of a number of input parameters. An example of a service is a calculation service to calculate price from yield (a derived data service) or to obtain some historical tic data (a reference data service). There is no technical reason why a service could not return a visualization, as a matter of fact a service can return anything, even binary data.

    By making services available on the platform, service providers can make use of the distribution network and make their services available to all users of the platform without having to target each one individually. Users can recommend services to one another thus extending the normal marketing reach. Additionally , anyone in the community can build on these in order to generate more specialized versions thus completing the supply chain.

    Services can be defined by any user on using the Service studio. A degree of technical knowledge is required in order to define a Service. Unlike widgets, services are actually not hosted on the platform. provides a proxy to these adding access controls in order to control distribution and availability to the community.

    You can get to the Service studio reference guide here. A full set of Service studio tutorials starting with a ‘Hello universe’ example can be found here.

    For each service an XML WADL description is also available, this can be obtained using the ‘Export WADL’ sub menu option on the left hand side.

    For more information or assistance contact our studio development team @ [email protected]