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    November 22, 2013 / NEW YORK, CHICAGO, and LONDON / Anova Technologies, the preeminent financial and exchange connectivity provider, was recognized for its RFConnect product at the 12th Annual Chicago Innovation Awards.  With 562 submissions whittled down to 100 finalists, Anova then participated in a rigorous judging process over the course of months, culminating with being selected as one of the ten winners for Chicago’s most innovative companies.  The finalist judging process included interviews, further information submission, and an onsite visit of Anova’s Chicago test link.

    “We appreciate the rigor of the process and the commitment of the judges, who worked to understand our product offering and technology, which is extremely technical in its distinctions,” stated Michael Persico, CEO and founder of Anova Technologies. “This is objective, external validation at its finest.” 

    Anova’s leading edge technologies encompass everything from route design to the construction of strategic assets.  Anova’s partner, AOptix Inc., provides the ULL-3000 radio which allows for more capacity and reliability over greater distances than any other wireless system. In fact, the current ULL-3000 test link is the first of its kind in the industry due to the length of the path.  More than just spec sheets and marketing, the judges were also given a view into an empirical aspect of the ULL system – the real-time testing and monitoring of the equipment and path.  Built in Q3 of 2013 to corroborate RFConnect’s performance, the test network sits adjacent to a sophisticated weather station, allowing for the recording of microclimate data specific to the path. The cataloguing of atmospheric variables, such as rain rate, visibility, barometric pressure, wind speed and temperature, allows for a direct juxtaposition of performance vs. real world weather events.

     “The reasons that RFConnect is truly innovative are numerous,” continued Mr. Persico. “With over 5000 FCC registered links, we’ve carved out the shortest distance ‘as the crow flies’ paths and overlaid them with the AOptix ULL-3000 high-availability radio to deliver the absolute fastest routes possible. And when you look at the confluence of benefits we provide, there just doesn’t seem to be anyone else that can bring all of these exact capabilities to the table.”

    About Anova Technologies: Anova Technologies is the preeminent fiber and wireless exchange connectivity provider, exclusively focused on electronic and algorithmic trading clients. With a dedicated team of engineers and physicists, Anova invented today’s millimeter wave design and deployment standards for trading networks.   A champion of self-disruption, Anova continues to push the boundaries of technology for the financial markets with major new developments that improve availability, capacity and round trip latency in the wireless space.  Anova’s proprietary networks span all major exchanges throughout the US, Canada, Western & Eastern Europe, and South America.

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