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    New Arista 7150 Series Offers 40GbE, Lower Latency,  

    Flexible Forwarding and VXLAN support 

    SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sep.19, 2012 – Arista Networks today announced the Arista 7150 Series of switches, offering a flexible forwarding path that supports advanced functionality through Software Defined Networking.   These products enable architectures well suited to interoperate with SDN controllers for network-wide virtualization, virtual machine(VM) mobility and network services, without compromising performance.

    The Arista 7150 Series offers up to 64 wire-speed 1/10 GbE ports or 16 40GbE ports, the largest Layer2/3 and multicast scale offered today.  The 7150 Series supports VXLAN tunnels at wire-speed, supporting workload mobility between physical and virtual machines.  It enables 40GbE ports with port-to-port latency of 350 nanoseconds for Layer 2/3 forwarding.  Advanced network services, such as Network Address Translation, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol, and congestion management are, for the first time, available on a single system, providing unprecedented flexibility.

    “We are excited to collaborate with Arista on the 7150 Series, designed with the Intel® Ethernet Switch FM6000 silicon for flexible forwarding.  Together with Programmable Arista EOS, new SDN functionality can be achieved with a common platform. Such versatility is a breakthrough innovation in the industry and a testament to the world-class design achieved by Arista and Intel working together,” said Diane Bryant, Vice President and General Manager, Datacenter Group at Intel. 

    SDN Features for Big Data, Cloud, Web 2.0 and Financial Trading Applications

    The wire speed Network Address Translation (NAT) capabilities of the Arista 7150 allow customers to eliminate 100s of microseconds of forwarding delay in HPC and financial trading architectures.  The advanced Latency Analyzer (LANZ+) functions provide application-level microburst detection, congestion monitoring and analysis essential to optimize big data and other performance-sensitive applications.  The flexible forwarding path enables new packet formats to be parsed and forwarded with deterministic performance and provides investment protection.  Along with open EOS APIs the 7150 Series offers monitoring, analysis and forensic capabilities for both coarse and fine-grained views of data flows and network activities; including stateless load balancing and network analyzer functionality.   Additional AgilePort capability allows four individual 10Gb ports to be combined into a single 40Gb ports for further scale and simple network migrations.

    “Arista has combined a flexible forwarding data path with the Arista EOS (Extensible Operating System) to deliver breakthrough latency, power, density and advanced SDN features in a compact 1U form-factor. The Arista 7150 is truly the first next generation SDN switch for virtualized data centers,” stated Andy Bechtolsheim, CDO and Chairman of Arista Networks.

    All Arista products including the Arista 7150 Series run the same Arista EOS binary image, allowing for ease of operations.  EOS can also run on virtual machines, allowing validation of network configurations and functionality.  Features such as Advanced Event Management (AEM) allow users to customize network behavior suitable to their environment and further automate the cloud infrastructure.

    The Arista 7150 Series switches are orderable now and shipping in CQ4 2012, with a list price starting at $12,995.

    About Arista

    Arista Networks was founded to deliver software defined cloud networking solutions for large data center and computing environments. Arista’s award-winning best-of-breed 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches redefine scalability, robustness, and price–performance. At the core of Arista’s platform is EOS, the world’s most advanced network operating system. Arista Networks products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers.

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    Press Contact:

    Amanda Jaramillo

    Arista Networks

    [email protected]

    (408) 547-5798

    Industry Perspectives


    “Now, more than ever, flash-powered NetApp systems require high-performance networking to store and deliver data in real-time. The Arista 7150 sets a new standard for low latency, high performance and virtualization, which further enables NetApp customers to process some of the largest data workloads in the world.” Val Bercovici, Cloud and Big Data Czar, Office of the CTO, NetApp.


    “We are pleased to partner with Arista to provide our joint customers with solutions that can help them optimize and scale their cloud deployments as they realize the benefits of the software-defined data center. With VXLAN in VMware vCloud® Networking and Security 5.1, and Arista’s introduction of the 7150 series of switches, our joint customers will be able to accelerate their deployment of virtualized multi-tenant cloud solutions.”

    Hatem Naguib, vice president, Cloud Networking and Security, VMware


    “As data centers continue to evolve in tandem with software defined solutions, we are pleased to work with Arista to help customers maximize performance with minimal hardware,” said Tyler Smith, Vice President of Alliances, Fusion-io. “The flexibility of the Arista 7150 series allows IT professionals to design scalable, software defined systems without the performance limitations and costs associated with traditional networks in big data, cloud computing, financial services and other data-intensive environments.” 

    Headlands Technologies

    “At Headlands Technologies network efficiencies are critical to our business.  The wire speed NAT (Network Address Translation) capabilities on the 7150S shave off 100s of microseconds of forwarding delay, while the reduction in latency on the 52 port switch allows for increased density which is also very important to us,” said John Koehl Head of Infrastructure and Operations for Headlands Technologies.  


    “The new 7150 Series from Arista is an exciting advance in high-performance networking,” said Dr.Nan Boden, CEO of Myricom. “Combining Myricom’s industry-leading programmable network adapters and versatile software with Arista’s innovative switching platform will enable customers to leverage high performance networking for an even broader range of applications.”

     Solace Systems

    “Arista’s new SDN feature set provides network architects with unprecedented control in delivering a high-performance distributed data layer on top of their switching fabric,” said Shawn McAllister, CTO at Solace Systems. “Whether for consolidating big data applications, accelerating financial trading infrastructures, or scaling out large web platforms, this kind of flexibility will help Solace and Arista better serve our many mutual customers.”


    We are excited to partner with Arista on the launch of the 7150 Series which, when combined with Solarflare’s OpenOnload(™) application acceleration middleware, delivers record low application latency and jitter. For UDP application traffic, in our lab we have measured the switch to server half round trip at 2.2 microseconds with the 7150S contributing 366 nanoseconds of latency for various sized packets.  We are also very interested to use the 7150S’s hardware time-stamp feature in combination with our SolarCapture software and Solarflare SFN6122F 10GbE

    Server Adapters to give customers very precise time visibility for packet capture, for example, to record audit trails or to diagnose and determine root cause of performance impacting issues in their networks.  This compelling performance delivers measurable business advantages to customers.”

    Bruce Tolley, Vice President Solutions Marketing Solarflare

     TS Associates

    “As an established partner of Arista’s, we have developed a strong working relationship with its team over the years. With Arista’s low-latency technology already forming an intrinsic component of one of our solutions, we have pioneered integration with EOS and LANZ to closely couple our platforms. The 7150 Series allows us to further integrate with extensive enhancements to LANZ and innovative features including precision hardware time stamping,” said Steve Rodgers, Chief Technology Officer at TS-Associates.  “Today’s launch is a firm reminder of why Arista remains the leader in its field. As a company, it is committed to the development of innovative solutions that pre-empt market trends and enable the provision of next generation data centre services – factors which are absolutely pivotal to organisations such as ours.”

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