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    FPGA trading platform will be demonstrated at the SIFMA Tech Conference – June 18 and 19, 2013
    SAN JOSE, Calif. (June 12, 2013) — Accelize, the industry leader in ultra-low latency, FPGA-based network processing cards and Enyx, a leading provider of turnkey FPGA-based solutions for trading firms, today announced immediate availability of a fully integrated, FPGA contained, trading platform aimed at financial firms looking for high performance trading solutions. The platform enables unparalleled tick-to-trade latency by integrating every element of the trading flow into a single PCI Express low profile FPGA board that will easily fit into any standard server.
    The combined trading platform is based on the Accelize XP5S620LP FPGA network interface card (NIC) running Enyx’s FPGA trading application. It features:
    ·         Real-time market data acquisition over 10Gb Ethernet
    ·         UDP decode and A/B line arbitration inside the FPGA
    ·         Normalization and book building inside the FPGA
    ·         High-speed transfer over PCIe to the server’s trading engine, using Enyx’s PCIe Fast Path acceleration API
    ·         Order flow out to the wire through the FPGA built-in full hardware 10GbE TCP stack
    In terms of latency, Enyx trading platform offers a deterministic latency of 1.2µs from fiber to application for the market data access and another 1.2µs from the application to the wire to send an order using a kernel bypass and an embedded TCP stack.
    The platform currently supports the CME markets and can be customized for other Options and Futures markets such as Eurex and others.
    “Accelize provides a range of FPGA-programmable Network Interface Cards and the supporting IP infrastructure required to enable customers and partners like Enyx to build complete turnkey trading platforms easily and seamlessly.” stated Stephane Hauradou, CTO for Accelize.  He adds “This ease of integration is a key differentiator for the Accelize FPGA NICs, giving them a real advantage over the competition.”
    According to Arnaud Derasse, CEO of Enyx, “As the first vendor to offer Market Data Processing and Order entry on a single FPGA board to achieve a wire to wire latency of less than 2.4µs, it is crucial to us to be able to deliver a turnkey solution that will seamlessly fits in our customers’ infrastructure.” He further adds “Accelize’s FPGA cards are low-profile and do not require external power which makes integration much easier in trading servers”.
    See Accelize and Enyx at SIFMA Tech 2013
    Join Accelize and Enyx at SIFMA 2013 in New York, booth #1853, on June 18-19 at the Hilton New York. They will be showcasing their new platforms as well as their other lines of financial trading solutions.
    About Accelize
    Accelize is a leading provider of FPGA-based technology for the Financial Services Industry. Accelize ultra-low latency FPGA network platforms include a combination of leading edge FPGA processing cards along with a library of infrastructure intellectual property (IP), finance-specific IP, software APIs, and reference designs. These comprehensive and pre-validated trading frameworks provide an unprecedented time-to-market advantage by enabling financial institutions, including banks, hedge funds, specialized trading firms and exchanges, to concentrate on their value-add algorithms such as trading strategies, and proprietary IP.
    Accelize is a PLDA GROUP company, founded in 1996 and privately owned. ACCELIZE is present in North America (San Jose, CA) and in Europe (France, Italy). For more information, visit www.accelize.com.
    About ENYX, SA
    Enyx is a leading developer and provider of proprietary ultra-low latency technology and solutions, primarily for trading. Enyx’s products deliver the next generation of cutting-edge technology, while also remaining accessible and flexible. Enyx provides off-the-shelf solutions compatible with FPGA platforms such as PLDA, Bittware or ARISTA, and also assists in the integration and deployment of its platform into the customer’s infrastructure. Enyx’s clients include some of the leading securities market places, market data vendors, investment banks, brokers and investment funds.
    For more information, see www.enyxfpga.com

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