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    FI’s Nano Exchange is the first enterprise system where clients can customize private market places on-demand, deploying institutional-grade securities exchanges at a fraction of the time and expense.

    Manhattan, New York – 12/19/2013

    Fundamental Interactions Inc. (, a leading provider of high performance trading technology to the securities industry, announces the launch of the Nano Exchange Cloud for the on-demand creation of private marketplaces anywhere in the world. Exchange operators can now quickly and inexpensively deploy marketplaces catered to their own specific requirements with the same level of security, performance and reliability of established securities exchanges.

    The Nano Exchange Cloud is a securities exchange in a box that allows administrators to spin up private markets from scratch with their own specific matching rules (algorithms) with the ability to create new trading instruments on the fly. The platform can also run as a globally distributed exchange which can share order books for instruments that trade simultaneously in multiple regions, creating a greater pool of liquidity for those instruments.

    “We are seeing a new frontier in the exchange space,” remarks Shawn Sloves, CEO of Fundamental Interactions Inc. “Both domestically with the JOBS Act and crowd funding and globally with the growing popularity of off-shore exchanges and the advent of digital currency exchanges, there is a new set of imperatives for the builders of exchange technology. Speed to market, agility and accessibility have become more important.”

    The Nano Exchange can be deployed on Amazon Web Services, the ubiquitous global cloud hosting solution that provides small organizations the same service levels enjoyed by the Fortune 500. This has helped fuel strong demand for the product among smaller companies creating new exchanges in remote locations. Exchange models that had been prohibitively expensive to start and operate due to platform licensing and connectivity fees can now launch on a fraction of the capital outlay and recognize profits on a far shorter time horizon.

    Five start-up exchanges have deployed on the Nano Exchange in 2013 including Atlas ATS, a start-up digital currency marketplace operating in New York, Hong Kong and South Korea, with plans to launch in Europe and Latin America in 2014. “The Nano Exchange allows us to manage multiple exchanges in different countries, all from a web browser here in New York City,” says Mark Smith, CEO of Atlas ATS ( “The Nano Exchange runs on FI’s core Virtual Exchange platform, an enterprise solution that powers the dark pools of global investment banks and stock exchanges. It’s in a different league of technology from what our competitors are running.”

    About Fundamental Interactions Inc.

    Rising to challenges and opportunities posed by regulation, technology and market structure – Fundamental Interactions Inc. engineers global, multi-asset trading appliances which deliver targeted business advantages to broker dealers, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. The company’s products fall into three primary categories: ‘FIN – Trading Appliance’, ‘FIN – Virtual Exchange’ and ‘FIN – FastProxy’.

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