Fixnetix provides outsourced services for ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting and infrastructure connectivity as well as risk management solutions to leading global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups.


    – Managed services provider utilizes Rackwise to plan and manage expanding IT infrastructure –

    FOLSOM, CA February 27, 2013 – Rackwise, Inc. (OTC: RACK) (the “Company”), a leading developer of data center infrastructure management (“DCIM”) software and service solutions, today announced that Fixnetix, a London-based managed services provider for ultra-low latency market data, trading, and risk control, is expanding its current deployment of Rackwise® DCIM solutions to include Rackwise  to manage critical information technology (“IT”) infrastructure supporting and driving its exponentially growing global business.        

    Recently recognized as the top computer sector growth company in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Asia) 2012, Fixnetix provides outsourced managed services across multiple asset classes to leading global banks and related organizations requiring ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting, infrastructure connectivity and risk management solutions. In addition to maintaining its own data centers, Fixnetix is co-located in 33 hosting data centers throughout Europe, the United States, the Asia-Pacific region and Africa, providing trading access to its extensive customer base of leading investment banks, hedge funds, market makers and proprietary trading firms in over 79 countries. The company’s explosive growth is driven by the increasing complexity and globalization of the financial services industry, including an evolving regulatory and compliance landscape.  These same factors are driving the financial markets’ need for more reliable internal and outsourced DCIM models to ensure data security, mitigate risk from fault and failure, lower costs and maximize operational efficiencies. 

    To better support its rapid business growth and corresponding IT infrastructure expansion, Fixnetix cited enhanced visibility into data center asset and power tracking, management and control among the critical objectives of its present and prospective DCIM strategies.  In reviewing products currently available, Fixnetix determined the advanced reporting capabilities and other features and functionalities of the Rackwise  offering to be the superior solution, yielding enhanced insight and control necessary to fulfill its responsibilities as Vendor of Record and Network Service Provider for the majority of exchanges in Europe and a growing number in North America.  Additionally, the visibility and control available with Rackwise  enables Fixnetix to evolve its internal and co-located IT infrastructure more cost-effectively, utilizing the reporting and modeling capabilities inherent in the Rackwise®solution.

    Hugh Hughes, Chief Executive of Fixnetix, comments, “Fixnetix growth continues to push the need to expand and optimize our investment in IT.  Our DCIM strategies include extending the lives of our current data centers by maximizing financial and operational efficiencies while we analyse and plan for additional IT resources. Clear visibility into our existing IT asset inventories and our ability to track and model them is essential to implementing these strategies, as is our ability to efficiently monitor, track and manage our power utilization.  After reviewing available alternatives, we believe that Rackwise  offers superior features and functionalities and a robust reporting subsystem to best enable us to cost-effectively manage our present operations as well as plan and deploy requisite additional IT infrastructure.”

    Mr. Guy A. Archbold, Rackwise, Inc. Chief Executive Officer, adds, “We are delighted that Fixnetix, one of the fastest growing European companies delivering technology-based managed service solutions, has chosen to utilize Rackwise  to support its data center expansion in meeting its rapidly evolving business needs.  Providing managed services for ultra-low latency market data, trading, and risk control to the top echelons of the global trading community requires Fixnetix to maintain a stable, secure yet highly flexible IT infrastructure. Our Rackwise  solution, with its advanced reporting subsystem and other enhanced features and functionalities, provides Fixnetix the critical decision support tools and metrics essential to effectively manage and expand its computing infrastructure while maximizing cost and operational efficiencies.  This expanded deployment of the Rackwise® solutiondemonstrates that our innovative real-time systems monitoring solutions are essential in maximizing existing IT resources and cost-effectively planning for expansions and additions across the computing infrastructure, enabling customers to achieve their reliability goals, discover hidden capacity, and optimize investments in their IT infrastructure to support business growth.” 

    About Fixnetix

    Fixnetix, 2012 award winner (BEST HFT Product in Europe for Risk Control from eFinancial News Awards for Excellence,) and 2011 award winning company (fastest growing tech company in England and 2nd fastest in all of Europe,) provides outsourced managed services across multiple asset classes to leading global banks, hedge funds and proprietary trading groups seeking ultra-low latency trading, market data, hosting, infrastructure connectivity and risk management solutions. The company is in 33 co- location and proximity hosting centres across Europe, USA, Asia-Pac and Africa and offers trading access to over 79+ markets.

    Fixnetix is one of the first firms to offer the FPGA for execution. The company launched on November 2010 a real-time low latency filter, iX-eCute, an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) to solve the eternal industry conundrum of pre-trade risk, compliance and ultra-low latency execution. iX-eCute opens the marketplace to all participants with no detrimental impact on trading performance. The microchip enforces pre-market risks at nanosecond time frames whilst preventing impact on latencies that historically have slowed down more traditional trading systems and models. Unlike other solutions, the iX-eCute microchip has near zero impact on latency for governing the required checks directed by the SEC Rule 15c3-5 and anticipated declarations from other regulatory governing bodies.  For more information, visit  

    About Rackwise, Inc.

    Rackwise, Inc. (RACK.OB) is a leader in software development and marketing within the growing data center infrastructure management (“DCIM”) market for IT infrastructure tracking, monitoring, modeling, and management. The Company’s flagship product, Rackwise , incorporates open architecture designs into a vendor agnostic platform affording IT professionals maximum flexibility for efficient integration in any computing environment.  The Rackwise  offering provides features and functionalities to assure reliability, identify hidden capacity, and improve efficiencies resulting in accelerated returns on investments through significantly optimized data center facilities and IT infrastructures.  Rackwise  integrates device level, real-time monitoring with advanced modeling, reporting, analytics and other critical capabilities, enabling clients to more effectively manage today’s high density computing configurations and virtualized data centers, mitigate risks associated with cascading faults and other potential inefficiencies within the infrastructure, and facilitate progress to more sustainable “green” data centers.  Rackwise® products and services are used by over 150 companies worldwide. For more information, visit

    Rackwise®, are trademarks of Rackwise, Inc. Other designated trademarks and brands mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners.

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