28 October 2013, London & New York: NanoSpeed, the provider of ultra-fast FPGA solutions to the trading community, has today announced the launch of Nano-TG, an ultra-low latency trading gateway. NanoSpeed provides the lowest latency, highly-robust FPGA-based trading, market data and risk management solutions to investment banks, prop traders and hedge funds, as well as exchanges and other financial institutions.

    Nano-TG is easily customisable by NanoSpeed, for example by incorporating client-specific risk checks and changes to protocols. It offers a host of features, including:

    • Hyper-fast risk management, with numerous pre-trade checks such as price limits, stale orders, average daily volumes, duplicate orders, etc.
    • Support for the most widely-used protocols, including NASDAQ OUCH 4.x, FIX 4.x and 5.x and others.
    • Support for multiple asset classes.
    • Multiple client connections and market data streams – up to 32 market data streams per physical connection.
    • 20 million messages per second throughput on binary orders.
    • Sub-half microsecond wire-to-wire latency.
    • APIs for a range of functions, including order display, stop trading and back-office feeds for client- and venue-side orders.
    • Nanosecond time-stamping of all messages.

    Sanjay Shah, CTO of NanoSpeed, says: “FPGA solutions are now an established and competitive component of the trading lifecycle. The ability to execute trades with greater speed reliably and to handle greater volumes is crucial to gaining and maintaining a competitive edge. The need to outpace your competitors is a continuous goal for market participants. Nano-TG provides what is arguably the fastest technical trading solution.”

    The founding technologists at NanoSpeed have roots in the aerospace industry and have directed their talent and expertise to bringing new levels of speed, robustness and reliability to the trading community. Designed by innovative developers with an extensive history in architecting advanced solutions in the European aerospace industry, NanoSpeed brings stringent development practices and performance which are the norm in the aerospace industry to financial markets. 

    About Nanospeed

    NanoSpeed® was founded in 2011 with the principal aim of helping financial trading firms reduce latency, with FPGA expertise as its backbone. It provides the lowest latency, robust FPGA-based risk management, trading and market data solutions to investment banks, proprietary trading firms and hedge funds. The NanoSpeed team has a successful track record of architecting and deploying low-latency FPGA products in the financial markets.

    The expertise of the NanoSpeed team encompasses the technical knowhow and rigour of the aerospace industry, combined with solid expertise in the financial markets, which clearly set them apart from all other vendors and developers when delivering FPGA solutions. It has forged early-adopter relationships with FPGA and COTS board vendors, ensuring that NanoSpeed clients have a considerable advantage before the products become widely available.

    NanoSpeed operates across Europe, Asia and North America. For more information please visit

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