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    Companies Bring Improved Solution Options to High Performance Trading 

     TORONTO, Ontario and NEW YORK, NY, November 5, 2013 – OnX Enterprise Solutions, a leading enterprise data center IT solutions provider, and VDIware, the trading specialized global infrastructure management company for financial firms, in association with Intel, today announced at the FIA Expo 2013 (Nov. 5-7th) new hosted and bundled solutions to the trading industry, available immediately.  Following work conducted in the Intel fasterLAB, OnX developed insight into the respective performance of the range of technologies that make up the trading stack, from CPU, through server, switch, NIC, OS, with the latest generation of Intel processors as the common denominator seen for deployment in trading infrastructures.

    VDIware is an established provider to the trading community, with offerings spanning proximity hosting co-located in data centers worldwide including support for the major the markets in Chicago, London, New York and Frankfurt at Aurora, NY4, LDN1, and FR2 . This infrastructure design is tested and proved in the lab and is now offered by VDIware as a full service of market data, hardware and software components, and CoLo starting at $1500/month to rent.

    The collaboration of VDIware and OnX gives trading firms non-partisan access to the latest technology from a variety of vendors backed by factual lab-based test results.  OnX’s relationship with the vendors opens access to the latest equipment for continued testing. In addition, the full service offerings of VDIware enables an operational expenditure, as opposed to capital expenditure charge, thus changing the paradigm on how smaller firms can access the latest high performance technologies.

     “VDIware is part of our growing community of OnX partners in the trading space,” said Jack Schwartz, Vice President of Sales, OnX. “They complement our core technology skills and wide reach with trading specific knowledge and SLAs, and through our partnership with them, we have an opportunity to deliver leading-edge solutions with simplified pricing and without the complexity and overhead of normal procurement.   We’re excited with the results achieved through our tests of the technology stack in the fasterLAB – which facilitate important new solution combinations.”

    “At VDIware, we are providing innovative solutions around the high-end of the trading market and simplifying the deployment of advanced technologies,” said Peter Johnson, CEO of VDIware. “By working with OnX and the technology vendors they partner with, we can add scale to our operation and access to technical innovation from the infrastructure product providers. The lab-based engineering conducted by OnX and Intel ensures that our clients at the leading edge of trading benefit from the latest deployment combinations of technology – insulated from the complexity in the choice of platform.

    Last October, OnX announced its participation, along with Intel and other partners, in the testing of new trading technology. Following the interest in independent testing of FIX engine latency in early 2012, the Finteligent Trading Technology Community (FTTC) was formed to promote the collaboration between vendor and end user communities to improve the engineering and transparency in data for high performance trading operational solutions. This community, and its reports on lab-based tests can be seen at www.finteligent.net.

    “Once again, the Intel fasterLAB has fulfilled its objective by facilitating the testing of the latest solution sets for deployment in business scenarios,” said Gordon Hughes, Global Sales Director, Financial Services Alliances, Intel. “We are delighted to support the collaboration between our hardware OEMs, OnX and VDIware. This engagement model allows for the latest products and technologies to be proven in a lab environment first, then included in commercial offerings, delivering the best solution right into the CoLo data centers where the trading action takes place.”

    Deploying the Finteligent test harness, which has been used consistently for comparative testing since early 2012, it is possible to design the optimum stack. Fostering partnerships between vendors allowed OnX to construct a one-stop-shop for the highest performing solution, which the team can bring to market.

    About VDIware

    VDIware, Headquartered in Chicago, is a global infrastructure management company for financial firms designing and supporting high-frequency ultra-low latency trading platforms and provide global trading infrastructures through proximity data centers strategically located in Chicago, New York, Frankfurt, and London. VDIware services manage operational risks on a global scale and transform complexity into a steady state operational model.  The global infrastructure is fully managed and supported 24x7x365 and offers blended solution integrating a secure global server cloud with proximity hosting supporting market data, order management and DMA. 

    About OnX

    OnX Enterprise Solutions is an enterprise data center solutions provider with a suite of end-to-end solutions including the industry’s leading Federated Cloud solution offerings. The company designs, builds and manages complete data center environments comprised of multi-vendor offerings in four core areas- Hardware & Software Solutions, Cloud & Managed Services, Digital Application Services, and Technology Solutions & Professional Services. Over the past 30 years, OnX has helped clients achieve exceptional business results that accelerate their growth and value. With global headquarters in Toronto, Canada and US based headquarters in New York, NY, OnX has a team of more than 600 IT professionals and an impressive geographic footprint with more than 20 locations throughout North America and in Europe. OnX is a privately held company and majority owned by Marlin Equity Partners. For more information, visit: www.OnX.com

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