Software optimizations and faster hardware boost SpryWare’s Direct Market Server™ performance by 30%

    Chicago, IL, December 14, 2012 – SpryWare, a premier provider of Ultra Low Latency feed handlers and direct market data technology, today announced the latest performance assessment of their Direct Market Server, DMS™, its flagship Ticker Plant software technology. Combining software optimizations to their feed handler suite and utilizing the newest hardware on the market they were able to produce an impressive mean latency of 6.08 microseconds. The latency tests were performed on various live exchanges during morning market hours, in a production environment across 40 redundant multicast channels with full line arbitration.

    SpryWare is continuing their design philosophy of building upon multi-core scalability and parallel processing architecture from start to finish. The test environment was configured with SpryWare’s latest DMS™ version in-process and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Hardware included a Dell R620 server with dual Intel Xeon E5-2690 processors, 16 cores, and Solarflare SFN5121T 10GBASE-T adapters.

    “The advantage is that we offer a market data processing solution that does not require specialized hardware” says Daniel May, Director and Founder of SpryWare. “Over the past several years we have worked closely with Intel, Dell, and Solarflare to deliver a solution that remains unmatched in terms of price-performance and our dedication and persistence has paid off in the speed, capacity, and reliability of the solutions we deliver. We’re proving that market data installations can be cost effective while still delivering single digit latency performance.”

    The SpryWare DMS™ technology is software based and runs on commodity servers, eliminating the need for specialized hardware, providing the users with a cost effective solution without sacrificing performance.

    For a full performance test example please contact [email protected] or call us at 312-922-7779

    About SpryWare

    SpryWare is the premier provider of fully managed Ticker Plant Technology. From ultra low latency feed handlers to direct market data technology capable of processing millions of messages each second on the smallest possible hardware footprint. SpryWare develops technology not only to be fast and efficient, but to provide their clients with a better balance between performance and cost of ownership. SpryWare’s core products include SpryWare DMS™, their dedicated feed handler installation, The SpryWare Proximity Cloud™ for an all inclusive hosted solution, and their SpryWare HDS™ product for tick data collection and historical data.

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