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    Brief description: The High Frequency Trading Review is the “go to” place on the Internet for information and commentary around high frequency trading and algorithmic trading

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    HFT Review updated a blog post titled Market Data at the Speed of Light 4 November 2013

    HFT Review uploaded a media item titled Market Data at the Speed of Light 4 November 2013

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    Welcome to the High Frequency Trading Review.

    This website was created as a central portal and “social publishing” platform for anyone who is interested in the fast-developing world of high frequency and algorithmic trading. On this site, we discuss the players, the technology, the news stories, the controversy and everything else that makes HFT such a fascinating topic.

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    News: FIX Protocol Ltd announces rebrand and the launch of a new website designed to create the on-line meeting place for the global FIX Trading Community

    20 August 2013 – HFT Review

    News: Global Markets Exchange Group announces new Derivatives Exchange initiative

    12 August 2013 – HFT Review

    News: Futures for Kids – 3rd Annual Walk to Work, Friday September 13th

    26 July 2013 – HFT Review

    News: BCS Granted FCA Authorisation; Launches International Brokerage Arm

    20 June 2013 – HFT Review

    News: FIX Protocol Ltd encourages industry to participate in the review of a new representation of FIX designed to support high performance trading

    3 June 2013 – HFT Review



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    HFT Review 3 September 2013