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    Total Trading wrote a new blog post titled Video: McKay Brothers and Quincy Data on transmitting market data via microwave

    This video was originally featured at the Total Trading blog and is reproduced here with permission     Stéphane Ty?, Co-Founder of McKay Brothers and Quincy Data, spoke at The Trading Show Chicago 2013 on the topic, ‘Transmitting market data via microwave.’ In this presentation, Stéphane explains that what matters today is who has the fastest network, and who has access to it. He goes on to explore how microwave allows for increased transparency, and how it is able to level the playing fields. Check out…

    15 November 2013

    Total Trading wrote a new blog post titled Important questions for ultra-low latency microwave networks

      This guest blog post, kindly provided by Aviat Networks, was originally featured at the Total Trading blog and is reproduced here with permission Are you considering building an ultra-low latency microwave network? Then you are not alone. Microwave is quickly becoming the default transport choice for low latency networks. However, building an ultra-low latency microwave network is not simple; there are many considerations. Latency through the “box” is important, but it is not the only factor, and too much focus on this metric may be a distraction. What is most important…

    21 February 2013

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