Twitter Users Can Now Send Crypto to Each Other With Torus

Amazing news coming our way from the Cryptocurrency world. A crypto management platform from Singapore has discovered technology that can help people to spend cryptocurrencies through social media platform “Twitter.”

As per the recent news, Torus has come up with a new update v1.7.2, that allows users to send tokens to and from Twitter as well as from GutHub accounts. You can even send cryptocurrency to those accounts even if they have not used Torus ever.

The recent invention and update by Torus can be seen as a major boost in trading and expansion of cryptocurrency investments.

Public sending of Cryptocurrencies to famous personalities

Just after the announcement was made, Torus showed a few cryptocurrency transactions made via twitter.

Some of the influencing personalities were sent cryptocurrencies through Twitter accounts. Personalities who were sent cryptocurrency on social media platforms include Etherium Co-founder Vitalik Buterin, CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, and also Elon Musk. But, none of them have confirmed anything publicly yet.

The Revelation

The co-founder and CTO at Torus claimed that the transactions made on Twitter were “Normal Ethereum transactions” These transactions can be easily tracked and monitored by the explorer Etherscan. The co-founder of Torus also provided the transaction ID of all ethereum transactions made with Elon Musk, Vitalik Buterin, and Changpeng Zhao.

He claimed that to check if these transactions are real or not, users can simply log in to their Twitter account on the Torus wallet.

What’s the new update?

As per the recent Torus update, you can make six logins to the Torus Wallet and DirectAuth. DirectAuth is a tool that helps users to manage certain private keys related to apps. The best part about the new update is that users can easily set up a new ethereum blockchain wallet by using any of their social media platforms like Twitter, Google, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, Discord, Apple ID, Github, and Linkedin. Thus, users won’t have to set up different passwords. They can use these platforms for Cryptocurrency exchange.

How will it work?

As explained by the Co-founder of Torus, the login into Twitter or any other social media platforms for Crypto exchange is based on Auth0. The Auth0 is actually a proxy link that helps to link Torus to other social media platforms.

What’s next?

Many people are questioning whether Torus will ever support Telegram?

We haven’t received any reply from the company regarding the use of Telegram for crypto exchange. But this won’t be possible in the near future. This is because Telegram is an encrypted messenger platform with more than 400,000,000 monthly users, and Torus has not yet found ways to link Telegram in the cryptocurrency world.

Torus linked rolled out the ETH transaction tests for Reddit and Google in the year 2018, and it was pretty successful. Torus is not the only company working towards technology and updates that can be linked through various Social Media platforms. A major platform called had already launched the technology of sending and receiving bitcoin via email.

All these inventions and updates are certainly boosting the availability and transactions of Cryptocurrencies.

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